One-on-one approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries

Before and After Surgery

Sandra Skiff, PT

We treat both newfound conditions and ones that have been occurring for years. 

Physical Therapist

New Injury or Chronic Condition

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Some Common Conditions We Treat

Include but are not limited to:

Physical Therapy

Seeing us before an orthopedic surgery is a great way to make for the best results possible. Physical therapy after orthopedic surgeries is very important in order to maximize the effectiveness of the procedure.

Sandra has 28 years experience as a manual physical therapy specialist. She is an expert in evaluating and treating the source of your pain, not just the symptoms. She is committed to providing quality one-on-one care to every patient.

  • Joint Pain
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Motor Vehicle Injuries
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Sciatica
  • Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic & Arthritic Conditions
  • Degenerative Disorders
  • Balance and Gait Problems
  • Post-Operative Disorders